Most of my adult life I haven’t been than happy with the way my body looked physically and as a result the way that I felt mentally. I have always been working toward a healthier body, a healthier lifestyle and a more toned fit physique but no matter what I did I felt that I was not getting the results that I was working so hard for. Finally, I started working with Leigh . She gave me all of the tools that I needed to get the results that I have been looking for and the confidence that I was lacking to get to where I needed to be. She got my nutrition in order by writing out a detailed macro-focused meal plan and a workout program complete with instructions on how to do everything. I can’t put into words how much Leigh has and continues to help me in reaching my fitness goals. My body has changed enormously and I feel and look better than I ever have. Leigh has taught me so much about nutrition, weight lifting, and mental strength! I could have never done this on my own and I am so grateful for all of the guidance that she has given me.

Vanessa G.

I watched my healthy hustle fitness coach, Kelli over the last few years. Her determination, dedication and love for the program was infectious. Kelli inspired me to want to do more to work on a healthy lifestyle, which I have always struggled with.

Like many, I have tried several programs, but things finally clicked with Kelli. I felt she truly understood what my goals were and could empathize with the internal struggles I had. She listened to what I was trying to accomplish. At the time, I was following a vegan diet due to ongoing GI issues. She didn’t skip a beat and researched and provided me with a great meal plan. I didn’t force down my meals, I actually looked forward to them and enjoyed them.

She also provided me with a workout plan. It gave me confidence when I was in the gym knowing I was following something created by someone with so much experience and knowledge.

I loved starting to feel healthy again. She taught me it’s a process and things don’t happen overnight. We all want the instant results but dedication and hard-work is important. I wasn’t perfect along the way but she helped me pick back up and continue on. I continue to utilize the meal plans and workouts provided to me as tools. I am truly thankful for the experience with Healthy Hustle Fitness.

Jenny O.

I started with Chris at Healthy Hustle in December of 2019. I was working out frequently but was not eating the way I should have been all the time, therefore I was not seeing any results. Chris and I met and set a realistic weight loss goal. During the consultation he asked about my current workout regimen and eating habits. Most importantly he asked what I like to eat and designed a plan around foods I like to eat and times to eat without interfering with my daily work and family responsibilities. I was able to drop 16lbs within 2 months and totally changed my body composition. I would highly recommend trying Healthy Hustle Fitness if you are looking for fast and meaningful results. Big thanks to Chris and his team.

Mike K.

Build muscle, Build Confidence!

I have tried other weight loss programs in the past and found myself getting to a certain point then hitting a plateau but Healthy Hustle Fitness has helped me achieve my goals in understanding having a healthy lifestyle and the science behind it. I didn't have to starve myself and I didn't have to cut out large food groups. Each week my meals and workout plans were assessed and altered by my trainer Kelli when needed based on my check ins for the week. I cannot say enough how proud of myself in not only getting in shape but building my confidence along the way. Kelli was incredibly helpful in keeping me motivated when I was having a tough week and be your number 1 cheerleader when you have had a great one!

Christie M.