As seen in March 2022 Issue

Five New Boutique Fitness Studios to Check Out This Spring


“From yoga studios to body­building gyms, the area’s freshest fitness facilities aim to reshape you from head to toe.

Set your alarm for 5:15 a.m.: That’s when the fun starts weekdays at Healthy Hustle Fitness Studio in Easton. With fat-busting classes ranging from Jacked Back and Tank Top Toning to Glute Camp and Butts & Guts, staff trainers welcome both elite athletes and novices. There’s even twice-a-week training sessions for teens. Still not sold? The sports complex, which opened in October, provides convenient showers, along with a pro-shop area featuring branded merchandise, beverages, and supplements. We’d say that’s worth the early wake-up call.”

Healthy Hustle Fitness Studio is a brand new fitness facility located at 290 Turnpike Street in South Easton, MA.

  • We specialize in building confidence in weight training and muscle conditioning through small-group weight training sessions using state-of-the-art equipment, all in an intimate and encouraging environment.
  • From fitness-newbie to elite-athlete, Healthy Hustle Fitness Studio will not only provide a great workout, but also a supportive community for everyone.
  • We will provide structured, circuit-based weight training sessions that will last 1 hour each, with 10-12 participants working independently according to their current levels of fitness. Participants will be guided and monitored by a certified instructor conducting each session.

Healthy Hustle Fitness Studio is different from other fitness studio models or large gyms because:

  • We provide session-based small group training with state-of-the-art equipment in one designated space. Most small group trainings either take place in a space that is designated for other purposes such as aerobic sessions, with no weight training equipment or the training takes place in a larger gym in the weight room alongside regular gym members, which can be intimidating.
  • Anyone coming into our studio at any given time is there for the same session, the same purpose, and will have the same experience, but at different fitness levels.
  • Our space will provide a fun, energetic, motivating, and encouraging environment that isn’t intimidating, so people can step out of their comfort zone and get the results they want.