Body Snatcher:
Hourglass sculpt. Shoulder/back, waist + glutes to encourage a cinched waist and shapely composition.

Butts + Guts:
Core tightening and glute building to defy age and gravity. Keeping it high and tight!

Work on classic lifts. Compound staples to build confidence in every class broken down with instruction.

Glutes + hamstring focused workout. Perk up the backside. HHF’s very own build-a-booty workshop.

Leg Sculpt:
Full leg workout to build and shape your stems.

Tank Top Toning:
Get your arms ready for tank top season. Bi’s, tri’s and delt work to tighten up your upper body.

Total Body:
Wake up your bod with a total body, head to toe workout.

Weight training session focused on push movements to develop the muscles in your upper body. Primarily your chest, shoulders, and arms.

Jacked Back:
Strengthen and shape your back with a fun and rewarding training session focusing on all the large muscles groups of your back and posterior chain. A shapely back tapers waist….we’re bringing sexy BACK!

Power Hour:
Power-based compound lifts. Longer recovery intervals for heavier working sets. Not for beginners.

Options for joining the Healthy Hustle…..

Monthly Membership Options:


    • Book up to 3 training sessions per week = $13 per training session


    • Book up to 5 training sessions per week = $8.70 per training session


    • Book an UNLIMITED amount of training sessions per week!


  • All training sessions can be booked as far out as two weeks in advance.



Session Packs:

    • Drop-in Session $30
    • 5 pack $145
    • 10 pack $275
    • 20 pack $525