Chris O’Neill

Chris is a husband, dad, entrepreneur and dynamic leader that has made it his mission to help others with their health and fitness goals. He fell in love with health and fitness after his own transformation. Chris now competes in the Men’s Physique Masters division in the National Physique Committee. He knows the struggles of balancing family, career and health. His ability to relate and have compassion stem from his personal journey, being that his fitness journey did not even began until his late 30’s and yes still earned great success.

Chris is one who genuinely understands that it truly doesn’t matter where you are in life personally or how busy you are, it is always 100% attainable to reach whatever your desired goals may be. More importantly it does not matter how far off you may feel you are, considering he did not embark on his journey until sincerely 39 years of age, and when he began which you can see via his transformation photos Chris was in a spot that wasn’t exactly ideal and yet still went on to not only hit his goal of overall aesthetics and health & wellness but at 40 years of age he ended up winning first place in one of the most prestigious shows on the east coast. Not only winning first place but doing so against competitors literally half his age in some cases!

To the point of not allowing age or past lifestyle to dictate your path to success, Chris is a walking testament to the honest fact that no matter your age, past history or whatever it may be that YOU CAN achieve ANYTHING at anytime when you put your passion and mind to it.

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Kelli Lucas

An active lifestyle has always been a part of who i am, but it wasn’t until after I became a mom that I fully appreciated what health and fitness did for me both mentally and physically. With a full time job and two small children, finding the balance of who I wanted to be in all aspects of life became the forefront when every day stressors began taking their toll on me.

Initially, my intentions were not to be a competitive body builder at age 36, but honestly just to feel better and stronger overall. Once I fell in love with getting stronger, I discovered that there really was no reason to stop there. We are all capable of doing whatever we put our minds to!

My journey started in November 2017 and by April 2018 I was in my first bikini competition. Within the first year of competitive body building I had entered 5 contests in 2 different federations. Staying dedicated to training and committed to a healthy lifestyle, I returned to the same stage I started my journey on and a year later achieved pro status in the OCB natural federation in April 2019.

During this time I have gained valuable knowledge about diet, training and most importantly what feeling good in one’s skin can for their overall wellbeing.

I am honored to be a coach for Healthy Hustlers and can’t wait to help others discover their true potential!

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Leigh Geary

My fitness journey began almost 30 years ago when I decided to change my life and lost 100lbs through diet and exercise at the age of 20. Once I started exercising on a regular basis and realized both the physical and emotional benefits of working out, I never looked back. It became a big part of my life and it taught me so much about myself and what I was truly capable of. I started weight training properly and with intensity in my late 20s and I couldn’t believe how strong I felt both physically and mentally. I always thought lifting weights would make me look big, bulky or masculine. But, it was just the opposite. My body became tighter and streamlined, but very curvy and feminine. I had never felt more comfortable in my own skin and finally let go of any unhealthy habits I had hung on to. I loved it so much that decided to start working in fitness as an instructor and certified personal trainer, which I continue to do today.

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